Drug Arrest

Every year thousands of Floridians are charged with drug related offenses. These offenses range from minor possession charges to very serious international drug distribution charges. Many of these charges are classified as families, putting the criminal defendant at risk of their liberty for a period of years.

These charges occur daily in our communities. Often these charges will stem from a traffic stop or other stop where a law enforcement officer will perform a search of the individual detained for unrelated causes. Although the law enforcement officer was not looking for controlled substance is, the detained individual will be prosecuted for any such substances found on them or in their possession.

A drug offense, especially a more minor one should not derail your life. The consequences for even a minor drug offense can be a felony on your record, and a duty to report this to your employer and any future employers, as well as considerable court costs and other expenses. As a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense law firm, we can help set your case up for success, possibly having the case dismissed so that you will not have to face the serious and lasting effects of having a conviction on your record. The lifetime cost of a criminal conviction will likely be in the tens of thousands of dollars due to lost earnings potential, the many costs associated with navigating the criminal justice system, and future employment restrictions.

With the right criminal defense legal team at your side you can mitigate the effects of this unfortunate event and lessen the long-lasting consequences that come with it. It is important to get started right away in crafting your defense. there are many things that we can do before your official charge is put into the system. Getting your case started the right way, right away, is one of the most important things that you can do.